Aster Basic Book

I read Aster Basic Book for the exam. It is easy to read and covers most of the basic.

Below are personal memo about the book.

Chapter 1
Four key characteristics of Big Data?
Complexity, Variety, Velocity, Volume

Chapter 2
During Partition Splitting (Adding v-Workers), Aster Database is unavailable until the process is completed

  1. Adding Worker Nodes (More processing power per v-Worker)
  2. Adding v-Workers(Partition Splitting) More parallelism across the system

Queen node be RAID5
Worker and Loader be RAID0 for small configurations
Worker and Loader be RAID5 for large configurations

Chapter 3
What is QueryGrid?

Chapter 5
MVCC: The result is that over time, the table can contain logically deleted (invisible) rows that are no longer used, but are consuming table space

Chapter 6
Multi-structured data: consists of files that contain a wide variety of different formats and data types in a non-fixed manner that must be parsed interpreted properly

Chapter 8
Map/Row function must implement the operateOnSomeRows method
Reduce/Partition function must implement the operateOnPartition method

Chapter 10
Rows returned in the RESULT operator are always?